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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 3:06 pm    Post subject: SPARE TYRE LOCATION, AND RELATION TO CARGO HOLDS AND LOCKERS Reply with quote

Firstly, on mounting idea of mounting the tyres in the rear of the van, like road running vans do, Is a ridiculous design for an off-road van It works OK and is the style of bitumen road running vans that have little 13' and 14' wheels and road tyres. No one would want to travel with the polar weight of 16' truck tyres and wheels out on the end of the van. It would make for a Hobby Horse bounding effect that would be very difficult to overcome, and would affect the travel and contents of the van as well as control of the tow vehicle. Polar weight like that, adds to the affect of sway, and bounding, all DANGEROUS on the highway as well. We do not advise that type of design.

Most people would do that poor design, so you can have storage lockers in that place in the front. We do it better with the tyres mounted on the front and large lockers all the way through the van with side waterproof and dustproof access Cargo doors. In almost all layouts, you already have this massive storage in the front that goes clear across the van through the large cargo doors, and it works well with the spares mounted in front like we do...

There would be other difficulties with this poor design of moving the larger 4x4 tyres to match the Tow Vehicle to the back: Problems like you could not open the back window, and it would obstruct the your tail lights, and never mind to get them high enough to use the departure angle it would take two men to lift them up and down.. There is still one more thing wrong that is even more serious: With big off road tyres and wheels, it is putting way to much weight out on the polar end of the van, where the right patchwork quilt of road surface could induce what is called "Harmonic Motion" that builds on itself, And SWAY.. This is typical poor engineering and poor design that our so called competitors do, that could injure you or your equipment in the wrong circumstances.

As I have said and stress here for SAFETY REASONS: That much polar weight out on the end of the van is dead dangerous not only for sway but also for hobby horse affect on an undulating road. So, could we do it? Yes. But it would be the wrong thing to do, and could cost you your Life, and we would not do such a thing for money, we want to take better care of our Clients than that. This is typical of the type of caravan builders that only copy our style, without our quality, and it only fools the people that do not know what they are looking at. In all fairness, now that you have been told what is wrong with it, I doubt you would want it yourself, as it would be foolish and dangerous. Even with weight distributing hitch and proper loading, with the cargo hold at the front and the spares at the rear, you would have a time bomb that would eventually wreck you with polar weight distribution, which to ANY ONE IN THE KNOW, IS A NO-NO!!!!

Some get away with it in smaller vans that are not getting loaded up and that stay on the highways and that put on silly little 13' wheels and street tyres, but that is not what Bushtracker is all about. Others that do it with large tyres and wheels, should not be in business, as they put money before the health and well being of their Clients.

We on the other hand will give you the right advice, and the reasons behind it, with your best interests in mind.

Kind Regards from the lone Ranger Smile .
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