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PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:23 am    Post subject: THE TWO EXTREME ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM IN FAMILY LAYOUTS Reply with quote

Hello Friends,

I get a lot of requests for Family Layouts and styles. It can take several months of coaching to get the perfect layout for you, as the possibilities are nearly endless. What I thought might help is to give you a pictorial essay on both ends and extremes of Family Layouts, just to give you an idea of what is possible. Also in the Category NEW BUSHTRACKERS FOR SALE you can see some of our most popular layouts. We would not build them for the Shows as Display Vans, if they were not very popular designs. Anyway, here you can see a pictorial essay of the two ends of the extremes in Family layouts:

Family layouts are wide and varied. For example, maybe you have seen Mathews layout at the Shows: Bunks in the rear, ensuite on the right, that is our most popular layout for Families with smaller children so the parents can keep an eye on them. That is just HIS personal choice, as he has two small children.. As you can see it is a very good layout for those with small children, but it works well for larger children to.

In my case, my last family van, was 22’ for two teenage Daughters, that had their own bedroom in the back. It was the other extreme end of Family layouts for privacy, a full two bedroom sort of layout for older Children that wanted their "Own Space".... They had their own Eberspacher forced air diesel heater, and controls, and their own AC unit and controls. They each had their own bunks, their own wardrobes, their own drawers, and their own full height mirrors. That is the other extreme end, one end of the layouts for small children, to the othe extreme of privacy and actually sort of two bedrooms. Inbetween there are layouts in two-three-four bunks, like my own first family layout for three children, wrapping around the ensuite in the back with 3 or 4 bunks for school age smaller children that like to play cubby house.. Another style is inbetween the two, is for a bunk dropping down to a back rest, and a work table dropping down off the ensuite wall for a work station… This goes all the way up to the extreme end like mine, with a two bedroom layout.

After you Order, when chassis and suspensions are being built, You get a couple of months of coaching to get you the help you need exploring all the possibilities. When you Order, you are also admitted to the Owners Section, where you have the time and resources to re-evaluate your choices and further develop the project. For instance in the Category TIPS ON DESIGNING YOUR NEW BUSHTRACKER, there are about 48 Topics and over 400 responses to help you develop your own custom Bushtracker and Optional Equipment package. Anyway, getting back to this Thread, here are photos of the two extremes of Family Layout possibilities.

PHOTOS of the first end of family layouts, 21' open plan, our most popular layout, with childrens bunks in the rear:

Looking back:

Cafe dining:

Looking forward:

Kitchen looking forward:

Kitchen looking back:

Kitchen cupboards (note the new flat panel door):

Dometic 190L 3 way fridge & double bunk beds:

Bunk beds, full height cupboard & bathroom door (note the tinted & frosted door):

Inside the bathroom, toilet & vanity:

Inside the bathroom, shower cubicle:

Rear full height storage:

Overhead cupboards (note the hidden hinges and new flat panel doors):

Kitchen LED lighting:

Cafe dining with LED lighting:

Island bed with storage underneath:

Looking back:

Pantry drawer storage under bench return:

Dometic 190L 3 way fridge:

For six months we were the only ones to have this fridge in silver, but everyone copies our designs and you wait and see if they are not doing silver as well... Laughing



Now here is the other end, really more for older children:
This is a bit extreme, a full two bedroom but also a high grade Yacht Interior, High Gloss solid Tasmanian Oak table, and individual curved pillowed leather lounge... Opposite is solid Tassie Oak benchtops in the same High Gloss two pack finish... You do not have to go to this extreme, but I am just showing you the possibilities. This was my own van, a bit outdated now, built about four years ago. It is still relevant as a two bedroom Bushtracker, just keep in mind it is lacking some of our newer gear and innovations. It is still unigue with the back bedroom in full privacy for teenage Daughters, or other extended family members:

Through the door and you have a back bedroom with larger single beds...

The flash makes the colours a bit funny, the panelling does not quite match due to the flash, it looks a lot better in person.. But you can get the idea..

Then looking forward from the door....

High Polish Tasmanian Oak counter tops, and even a 5 setting dishwasher!

And a new Porcelain China Bowl in the ensuite, Vanity on the right just out of the picture..

Kind Regards, Cowboy, half a Horseman... All of a Bushtracker Man...
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