A peek at the Engineering and Design and Quality that makes Bushtracker Number One in Australia...
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There is a whole Category on this Forum, of our Standard and Optional Equipment.

The Category is there for you to explore at your leisure, of the highest quality equipment in the Industry with 27 Topics in it of details on our quality equipment in: TIPS ON OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT SELECTION FOR NEW VANS

When trying to compare a Bushtracker to something else, here are just a couple of examples of things you need to take into consideration:
The highest quality Interior Finish of any Caravan in Australia... Does anyone else build an optional yacht quality interior in a caravan like this?

Image Image

A one piece hand laid up fibreglass ensuite, not pieced together composite materials that will leak and rot in time. These are hand laid up, in fibreglass matt and resin and gelcoat finished, durable and one piece, in custom free form designs. Why don't others do this? It takes Talent, and Time, and it is expensive but it is the best, all together or separate toilet and shower designs.

Image Image Image

Or in a Separate Toilet and Shower Design:

Image Image Image Image

And a true Load Sharing Suspension: Our tandem suspension is fully independent and load sharing, (ours is the only one like that), it absorbs most of the shock of the road as the suspension articulates front to back and then back to front. As it hits a rut or an obstacle it shifts the weight front to back and then as the rear wheel hits the obstacle it shifts it back to front articulating over the obstacle instead of delivering the entire shock to the van twice like in a normal tandem suspension...

Image Image

Often other Companies advertise that they have a load sharing suspension, but it is that in name because the two tandem axles share a "rocker"bar. You can see this in between the tyres on each side. Ours is a true load sharing and independent suspension.

There is more, visit the Category in this Forum on OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT to see our Standard and Optional Equipment available. And compare apples to apples.

No one has the quality of Engineering, Interior Finish, or Equipment like a Bushtracker. You will discover this for yourself if you take the time to look. We recommend you call in for a Factory Tour at your convenience, please call to make an appointment.

Other people sell what they call Off-Road vans, to people that unfortunately don't know what they are looking at. These are only a FEW of the MANY unique features you will see, just a few examples. Take the time, do yourself a favour, do your homework and then come to see how the vans are built... And you will buy a Bushtracker !! You will see for yourself, there is no second place..

Our 76th Owner has just come back today, Nov 30 2009, to buy their second Bushtracker van. Most sell their first Bushtracker for all their investment or a profit, and a trip to the Bushtracker Factory will show you why.

See you here! :wink:
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The Dragon says one of the best things about the Bushtracker is that one you have packed up in the morning and spent a full day poking along some dusty rought track.... and after stopping you open the door and everything is exactly as you left it.

Just get the chairs out plus beers or wine and chill out

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Our recently acquired Bushtracker when not on the road is parked in a caravan storage area located within the gated community that we reside in. Their are some 75 other vans & motorhomes also parked their. It is common practice that when a new arrival appears, other owners are invited to cast their critical eye.The most consistent comment from them is " IN TERMS OF QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP THIS IS THE BEST VAN I HAVE EVER SEEN''. Not bad given that these people are current owners of other brands and some come from a trade background.
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