GRAND OPENING SPECIAL: Free hitch part for older Bushtracker Vans !!
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New Center Locater Spring Retainers
Well, the Lone Ranger is back, from giving the gear a good run. Canyons, mountains, caves, rocky country. Also sandy soft tracks and hard corrugated roads. We took a Professional Film guy, and a $15,000 TV camera Rig that I am donating to Kings Youth Services, an Outreach program for kids to shoot their fun entertainment videos. This is a Program for the Youth I am supporting, to help bring Street Kids in off the street life, to Kings Church Youth Program for a little help getting their lives together.. The Videos are part of an entertainment package to get them in, to try and give them a little help, Mentoring, Guidance, all part of an effort to help them get their lives back. Anyway, this was a joint venture, and a way to help them and get a little use for Bushtracker as well, out of a very high grade TV Shoot JVC camera. We have a DVD available now, send Email... Anyway: You can all have a smile, all part of the Good that Bushtracker can do for others. That is going to be the Test for the Rest of my Life.

There will be some more goodies and reports as I have time. And on this DVD you can see three tow vehicles and three vans running in some really remote and beautiful country..

Now this is a bit extreme. So far it is reserved for bigger Rigs, Bigger Suspensions, and hard going horse power "Rig Junkies" like me :lol:. IF you travel TOO HARD, and hit a rut and go AIRBORNE TOO HARD, you can knock the spring right out of its pivot point. It only happens to a very small percentage of people, maybe only a couple per year. We have spring retaining plates for this job built, to keep this from happening. But this is the latest improvement: A major spring pack centre pivot retainer so it cannot be dislodged in rough going airborne by accident in a big rut or something...

If it can be broke, I am famous for doing it, to test things for all of you. I was unable to break this, even with a Dually in hard going with 6 wheels digging and MASSIVE traction and horsepower in hard going on a 22' van! I even left the other two vehicles behind and went off to test (abuse) things a bit. We will offer it, to others with big rigs that might be running too hard. This does not mean we condone the abuse of our Product, but we are going to insure it the best we can against "accidental" abuse. This is only for the larger suspensions from 19' and up, and right now is just a possibility as an option. DON'T ABUSE THE GEAR :!: But as a special service, those of you running Big Rigs on Fords, Chev, Dodge Trucks, we will put it in the new vans Free of Charge.

Retrofit? I knew some might ask that, if you want, in the new year, I suspect we might stock them for the $100 mark plus fitting or D.I.Y. Just understand this is unnecessary for most. I do not suggest or advise it, as you probably already have the current ones on the ends of the springs. This is just a step in the future, for you that already have the spring retainers in the last couple of years I would say it is redundant, overkill. But, in saying that, I have a set on mine. Rig Junkie!!! I am one of those that want to add more toys on all the time, but I have the rig to tow it.

If that is you, going rough, send me email, your VIN number and weight and size of van, and I will send you pictures of the latest upgrade...

Regards from the Ranger...
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