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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:23 am    Post subject: THE 7 MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF OUR TANDEM OVER SINGLE SUSPENSION Reply with quote


1) The single suspension want to fish tail around by nature. If you have done any towing, you will recognise that sickening lurch you get as you leave the bitumen on to the soft dirt shoulder, and then again when you get onto the bitumen. It is the single wheel digging in and it wants to sway by nature. On gravel, sand, water, ice, snow, or mud, when you are going around a curve it wants to bread loose by nature. The problem is that when you panic it jack-knifes and you come to grief. The tandem does not know whether it is on the bitumen or the dirt, it just tracks behind the tow vehicle no matter what. That is the nature of the tandem.

2) The single suspension can be down right dangerous if you have a major tyre failure going head to head with a road train it could ruin your whole morning!!! By nature it wants to fish tail around, and it gets too easily out of control. By comparison with a tandem a major tyre failure is only noticed by the noise it makes, it still wants to track right behind the tow vehicle.

3) The single requires jack down legs. Our tandem does not. Jack down legs are a real problem. If you grease them you get them full of dust and you have to fight to get them down. If you don't grease them they rust and you have to fight them. It is unnecessary work.

4) The single suspension sinks in on soft ground and bogs the tow vehicle immediately. The tandem has twice area on the ground, so half of the weight density, and will travel over soft ground that would immediately bog the single and tow vehicle.

5) Our tandem suspension is fully independent and load sharing, (ours is the only one like that), it absorbs most of the shock of the road as the suspension articulates front to back and then back to front. As it hits a rut or an obstacle it shifts the weight front to back and then as the rear wheel hits the obstacle it shifts it back to front articulating over the obstacle instead of delivering the entire shock to the van twice like in a normal tandem suspension...

6) Four tyres on the ground instead of two means half the weight distribution. That means half the weight per square inch with twice as much contact on the ground and that means the tyres are much less prone to rock puncture and hardwood staking in the Outback, it is just much safer!

7) Four wheels also means 4 wheel brakes, and this is a MAJOR advantage... And our 12" Commercial brakes, are not the cheaper normal caravan 12" brakes. Instead of the cheap one piece hub drum of caravan 12" brakes, we have a larger bearing hub for larger bearings, and the 12" drum is pressed onto it with the studs going through the bearing hub and brake drum like a commercial truck... This is the right way to do it, the Bushtracker way...

Regards from the Ranger
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