EXTREME AND HEAVY DUTY New Spring Pack Retainers Upgrade....

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:05 am    Post subject: EXTREME AND HEAVY DUTY New Spring Pack Retainers Upgrade.... Reply with quote

This is for EXTREME OFF ROAD For 19’ and Up, and Retrofit Available.

Now Newbies do not be alarmed, this is a fairly rare occurrence, maybe 1or 2 in 100 have hit a rut toooo hard, going too fast, and jumped the spring pack back out of position. It is not that obvious to notice when it happens, the spring pack is just off center, back about 50-75mm, but what happens is it chews the heck out of the Pivot Block and seat if not caught in time.. We have put another retainer in the past couple of years and dropped the incidence rate down to what, maybe 3? In the past two years? It can cause some damage if it happens, but this “extreme spring pack retainer” version makes it virtually impossible. Anyway, it is available as an option, on vans 19' and up. We now have supply of 20 sets of these in stock.

Existing Bushtracker Owners, ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH BIGGER TOW VEHICLES, like Fords, Dodges, Chevrolets; that that might be running a bit fast or a bit heavy, on vans over 19’, you could consider the Retro-fit. The complete set, four components, two each side, will cost $90 plus freight……… Or $350 installed here at Bushtracker with an inspection of the Poly Blocks and seats and replacement of those as well… In fact, I would just plan on replacing the center pivot blocks and seats if you do this. The material in the new ones seems to last far longer in rough wear. If the old ones are good, save them as spares, these are a renewable item and part of maintenance on your suspension...

Here is what they look like fully installed:

And these are the two components:

I am always here doing research, trying to do the job better. At one point we thought of making this our new standard, but again we come up to the weight issue. It is just not necessary, hence useless unnecessary weight for the 90-95%. If I were you, I would not worry about it unless you are in one of the extreme categories like:
Mining Exploration, where you might be directly going overland with larger trucks, 4x4 and 6x6.

Gold Fossicking extremes of travel, the serious sort, hogging your van up fossilized creek beds in search of the Motherlode...

Towing with a larger more powerful vehicle and engaged in extreme sport... Like very remote extreme 4x4 into Barramundi fishing spots overland and rough...

Or if you are a Throttle Jockey Sort.. Ha! You know whom you are.. LOL Laughing Laughing Laughing Towing with a highly modified vehicle, with big tyres, air bags adjustable on the fly, the sort of custom suspension that might allow you to travel faster than what is healthy for the van, just because you can??? Mind you, you are still going to break things, but at least this will not be one of them... If you are a Performance Rig Junkie, you might want to consider these.

Anyway, if you fit the profile of the extreme, this option is now available for new or second hand Bushtracker vans. Normal travel Bushtracker mainstream Owners? I don’t think I would worry about it OK?

The picture above is what it looks like finished and in place on my own van, about 18 months in Service in my R&D. You simply drop the spring packs, following the instructions in the Topic about servicing the Pivot Blocks, and the center bolt of the pivot block is what holds the main loop in place...

The top piece engages the loop, on the existing bolts.

This whole affair keeps the spring from being able to be shifted back if you go airborne and hit something too hard.

Just remember one important thing, the spring hanger wear in to that end of the spring. The more they wear in the less the creaking noise of that wear in process as the surface area of wear increases. Mind you, the most important part of this whole affair is that these are MATCHED IN PLACE AND DIRECTIONAL. You need to mark them, and put them back not only in the same place, but also facing the same direction... VERY IMPORTANT...

Kind Regards from the lone Ranger...

Not just boots and hats, Hey! Just won Senior Horse (over six) and Amateur Owner Reining Classes, first Place, and a Second Place in the Open (highest unlimited Class)... And I am very financially savvy too.... Probably the whole Competition for myself and Daughters cost about $400 and the winnings? A two dollar ribbon and WAAAAY big prize money at $10 and $6 Woooo Hooooo! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Guess I better keep building Bushtrackers as I sure am not going to make a living off my horses... LOL But at least for the first time I beat my Daughters on their better horses. That made it all worthwhile ... Heh heh heh... skite skite Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:53 pm    Post subject: Leaf pack lockers Reply with quote

G'day Steve,

Thanks for the innovation and I note your comments about "extreme" so I was thinking if I fitted that description (or should I say my travels!) and I thought quite possibly. The term is always a little subjective because it really depends on your experience. Having done some extreme travels myself it is not a difficult question - put it on! It stands to reason that if you're travelling for any length of time and it included any serious stuff then it is a no brainer!

Really, any breakdown for whatever reason is best dealt with before you leave home. This solution is way better than a break down so thanks again (even if it does not lead to a breakage).

Kind regards

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